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May 26, 2012

Inspires to create my own list before i die:-)


1. Take a night class in Japanese.

2. Buy an original work of art.

3. Learn to make sushi.


4. Read an autobiography by a celebrity.

5. Take more photos.  And print them out. (Facebook Doesn’t Count!)

Nikki & Scott

6. Get a dog.

7. Ride on an elephant.

8. Go to Egypt.

9. Go Paris and see a real art museum.

10. Go to Bali.

11. Go to Las Vegas.

12. Spend a proper Halloween in America.

13. Go to a dress up party.

14. Do something randomly kind for no reason.

15. Take a pole dancing class.

16. Have an awesome garden (that doesn’t die) that I made all by myself.

17. Go snorkelling and experience marine life up close.

18. Fly first class.

19. Go to Thailand.

20. Visit a castle in England.

21. Learn how to talk to random strangers without feeling self-conscious and dorky.


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