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Turkey. Istanbul. The biggest aquarium in the world.



Amazing !


What happens when people dispose of their waste in the most irresponsible way, try to clean it up, until it all gets a bit too hard, then when they can’t think of any other way to repair the damage, they close up and move on?  OK, maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but I’m filing this one under “what the hell were they thinking until it becomes wow that is just too spectacular for words”.

I am a beach glass collector.  I like to find it, feel it, decorate sandcastles with it and then leave it for the next person to enjoy.  I rarely take it home with me unless it is quite spectacular or the Drama Queen insists.  I love its smoothness, the way that time and energy have ground down all the sharp bits to make something soft and subtle.  I really like the blue ones, though they…

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Tossing off the Bowlines

They stand there silently, hovering at the precipice, as though deciding whether to jump.

The first one I saw startled the heck out of me. We were taking a tour of Sao Paulo and I glanced up at the rooftops and saw him. I realized it was a statue and mentioned it to Tom and Woody (our friend and tour companion). Oddly enough, Tom had just read about them. They’re unofficially known as the Suicide Statues, or the Jumpers.

The brainchild of artist Anthony Gormley, these suicide statues  arrived in Sao Paulo in early May and, predictably, the panicked calls to emergency services began immediately, with reports of people trying to jump from buildings. With 31 of these positioned on rooftops around the inner city, they’ve drawn a lot of eyes, and calls.

The life-size body cast sculptures are part of the artist’s first show Brazil, being held at the Centro…

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1. Take a night class in Japanese.

2. Buy an original work of art.

3. Learn to make sushi.


4. Read an autobiography by a celebrity.

5. Take more photos.  And print them out. (Facebook Doesn’t Count!)

Nikki & Scott

6. Get a dog.

7. Ride on an elephant.

8. Go to Egypt.

9. Go Paris and see a real art museum.

10. Go to Bali.

11. Go to Las Vegas.

12. Spend a proper Halloween in America.

13. Go to a dress up party.

14. Do something randomly kind for no reason.

15. Take a pole dancing class.

16. Have an awesome garden (that doesn’t die) that I made all by myself.

17. Go snorkelling and experience marine life up close.

18. Fly first class.

19. Go to Thailand.

20. Visit a castle in England.

21. Learn how to talk to random strangers without feeling self-conscious and dorky.


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Travel Lady with Baby

Hi all,

Thank you so much for being patient while I redo this website. It is finally manageable, I will still be tweaking it here and there, but the majority of it is done.

I have added so many new categories and pages, but am always up for suggestions and new ideas, so please check it out!

As per my post yesterday Great baby/child friendly restaurants in your city, I want your help! I have added a category just for restaurants around the world. As I get more input, it will be a whole page divided into cities and countries for future reference.

If you haven’t been following me on Pinterest or Facebook, you won’t know that I have been compiling great travel finds, things that I have used over the years, with or without baby, or things that friends have recommended. I stress that all of these products have…

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Chunky Marinara

So here we are, the unofficial start of summer! Memorial Day! Who even came up with that? How is it the unofficial start? I don’t know about you but as of Friday May 25th 5:00 pm hundreds of people where clocking out and heading towards the Jersey Shore.

I can remember the first time I went there myself. It was the day after my senior prom. I thought it was so exciting. Being able to actually swim in the water was amazing. Trust me, that’s not a joke. I grew up In Staten Island and Gateway beach in Great Kills was (my) beach. The sand was brown and there was a big sign that said no swimming! We really just went there to see our friends and more or less hang out in the parking lot on the good ole’ asphalt listening to Donna Summer and france jolie.

The beaches at Seaside are clean…

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Memasuki Bulan Juni-Juli-Agustus sama dengan memulai liburan! yeay! Mau kemana ya? Sama siapa ya? Hmm… oke oke, kali ini kita coba jalan-jalan ke timur Indonesia deh, tepatnya di Pulau Papua, Raja Ampat! 🙂 Yap! Mungkin ini bisa jadi alternatif liburan bernuansa pantai yang tidak akan pernah terlupakan dan akan sangat berkesan.

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